"There and Back Again" - The Story of a Stream

By Elad Amit

“Stream processing” is one of those nifty new “big data” buzz words. In this series of posts, we'll lay out our own experience over the past year or so. The posts start with a humble beginning, trace the history to where we are now, and then cover our near-term plans.

October 20, 2016 devops, scale, kafka, and stream-processing

Hijacking a User’s Shadow: Affiliate Fraud via Malicious Extensions

By Ido Safruti

In the last few weeks, we have encountered a widespread highly sophisticated affiliate marketing fraud attack based on network of browser extension malware. This bot net is targeting thousands of web sites, hijacking their legitimate users and tagging them to collect affiliate and referral fees. We are aware of a sites paying thousands of dollars to fictitious affiliates due to this attack, so one can only assume the scale and overall sums collected by this highly organized crime network.

July 05, 2016 fraud, affiliate fraud, and malicious extensions

Sneaker Bots – Stealing Your New Shoes

By Adi Ludmer and Christopher Federico

Sneaker Bots, a collection of software that automates all parts of the sneaker-buying process, have cornered the market and left manufacturers and consumers stumped at how to solve the problem. On May 29th, 2015, Nike cancelled the online launch of two new Air Jordan models, forcing the company to sell only through select retailers and Nike stores.

May 04, 2016 sneakers, sneakerbot, and scalping

Launching PerimeterX Bot Defender

By Omri Iluz

Today, we are proud to be launching PerimeterX Bot Defender, the easiest to integrate and most accurate service to detect and mitigate automated web attacks.

April 12, 2016 Bot Defender and Launch

Blocking Tor: A Case for Better Detection

By Ido Safruti

In the last week there has been an ongoing debate about the common method used by service providers (and CloudFlare specifically) of blocking Tor users and the grand Tor community.
We believe detection should be based on action, not by association

April 05, 2016 Tor and anonymity